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We offer conversion services for WowBB, WowClassic & UltraBB to MyBB forum software.
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Pricing & Services Available:

This Merger Module © works differently than any other "conversion" module you may be used to. This does not convert your board but it merges your users, user post count, pm's, user groups, categories, topics, posts, polls all over to your new MyBB board.

This module is NOT a stand alone merger system but works in conjunction with the MyBB Merger System.
You will have to download your MyBB Merger separately.

Instructions for my modules are included and a
Conversion Service is offered for those who are nervous about doing it themselves, or you can purchase the Merger Module © and DIY.

The Merger Module © is separate from the Mod Subscriptions and I have it located for you by separate purchase and email or download delivery.

You will need to purchase the Merger Module through the
Services page and then Contact me (with the link or via PM on the board) once this is done.

You will then be notified where or how to obtain your download or when your board will be converted for you and all the other details you will need.

Pricing for this is as follows:

$15.00 USD - for the Merger Module © - all instructions are included for DIY.

$50.00 USD - for SCD to convert your board for you. - we will need full database access and ftp access to your site (cPanel access)

If you purchased the Merger Module © and feel too overwhelmed I will include the price of purchase toward the price of merger.

$10.00 USD per hour for every hour after the first for difficult mergers.
$30.00 fee added for merging any account hosted on due to the limitations put on hosing there.

Reqirements for your host to successfully merge:

The following should be in your php.ini file in your root directory on the server:
max_execution_time = 120
max_input_time = 120
memory_limit = 128M
mysql.connect_timeout = 120

There is an extra price for a complete set up. Depending on what you need me to set up, how long it will take and all that's involved but it will include:
  • Moving and backing up your current board
  • Installing MyBB and setting up the MINIMAL settings to get you rolling AND backing that up
  • Converting your board to MyBB AND backing that up
  • Making a custom theme is EXTRA and separate from ANY conversion

Pricing for this (includes merger):
$75.00 plus $10.00 / hour for every hour after the first hour.

This could include but not limited to things like:
  • setting up groups on your Mybb board
  • installing your smilies
  • installing your avatars
  • setting up group promotions
  • setting up your custom theme if you purchased one
  • and more

*Skin City Designs does NOT guarantee this Merger Module © will work with WowBB boards that have been modified from it's original code. This should be done by SCD to insure it goes correctly unless you are an expert at manipulating your databases and fixing database issues.

Boards that have been converted FROM another sofware TO WowBB will require us to convert your board. This is due to a lot of "weird" code changes from a wow conversion.

Skin City Designs does not guarantee this software from damages to your site from inexperience, or inappropriate use or failure to back up your sites before use.

Skin City Designs does not guarantee against damages from this software for other reasons we cannot foresee and are uncontrollable by us.